Sunday, December 28, 2008

Road Trips And Cherry Broncos.

Barngoddess' Cherry Bronco! Nice Ride!

The Horsefarmer and the Barngoddess make a Bronco Run.

Longrooffan road trips from Naples FL to the Birthplace of Speed on blue highways.

Jeepjunkie and his crew take three hours to travel 55 miles from Atlanta to Macon.

The Private RN tried out a new spaghetti recipe on Xmas eve. Reactions were Mixed. She tore up the recipe and threw it away. Sara came in early and made a batch of "traditional" sauce.

Me, I spent my entire Christmas vacation in elastic waist pants eating Russell Stover Chocolates, drinking Budweiser beer, getting beat at checkers by my grandsons and bidding on stuff on Ebay! I was outbid on this and this and I almost got into a bidding war on
this - but reason kicked in. Whew, close one there! Ain't life grand!

I did find this website full of Cherry Broncos!

Celebrate Life!


Lil Mom said...

Does it get any better? I liked the new sauce.

d5thouta5 said...

I aint talkn to anybody that spends christmas in shorts at the beach drinkin cold beer....i dont care what the facts are....

Horse-farmer said...

Jeep, I left Christmas Day wearing tennis shoes, shorts and a tee shirt on the Bronco Run. It was that warm in Marionville MO.

Bus, liked the comments and the blog.

If you had let me know about that trailer the night before, I would have got it for you, would have fit in the back of the BigLilMule.

Jack said...

I used to have a International Scout. I loved that rust bucket. Positrack front end made for fun driving when in 4-wheel drive. She sure could pull like nobody's business.

Complaint Department Manager said...

Off-road vehicles are for off-roading, not trailers. Damn, makes me want to steal that thing and take it on a drive over to Moab.