Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Crime Lab Opens: Coonrod and Blunt Examine Something

"You put your gun in there and then you pull the trigger," said Dave. "It looks a little small, though, especially if you got a big gun like me."

"Matt said it worked pretty good," said Roy. "But I don't think I am tall enough."

"You gotta stand on a stool," Dave told Roy.

"Heh, heh", snickered Roy.


Jackie Melton said...

Now, if Coonrod could just get Steve Helms to crawl down in that "testing" gizmo and check the interior walls for a few minutes....."OOPSIE!"

Who knew?



The Watchman said...

Helms has crawled around in worser places. But the tube is waaaayyyy tooo big for his little gun!

Anonymous said...

Actually it instantly brought to mind Donald Sutherland's defining moment in Invasion of the Body Snatchers when he twists his face into a grimace and points out, screaming the alien pod scream.

Jason said...

Nice joke, Jim. ;)