Monday, December 29, 2008

Motorcycle, Truck Hauling Travel Trailers and a Circus Jeep


Jack said...

My new Harley took second place to a bike much like the one in the pic. I was okay with that as it was wicked-cool restore job.

Speaking of, I rode that flaming H-D today. It was nice.

Horse-farmer said...

Notice the truck !!!
It is a Ford.
Also, behind that famous Jeep,
is that a Ford Woody Wagon, 53-56 vintage???

Busplunge said...

I think it is a late 50 one ton Ford, maybe 57-58 model.

It appears overloaded, look at the left front tire.

That Ford Woody wagon, maybe 49-52 vintage, like Peggy Friskel's wagon? But look at the van rear, is that a late 80s Chevy van with a ladder rack?

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Janet Ndinda said...

I also think that is a Ford Woody Wagon jeep. The front tire however does not look so good. I believe that jeep tires should be in good condition. Always keep it a routine to inspect tires before traveling.