Monday, December 22, 2008

The Association - Windy

Saturday I went out to Sara and Daniel's 5 acre dream . They are wanting to cross fence so my younger brother Tom and I arranged to meet them and to help set corner posts.

We were going to meet on Sunday and bring out the four wheel drives to churn up her pond while it is almost out of water. Churning up the pond bottom is supposed to stop seepage. Besides, we were thinking it would be a lot of fun to drive old jeeps though the mud. Tom was bringing out his tractor in case we got stuck. The weather forecast quelched those plans.

I met Sara and Dan at Lowe's in Republic, they had gone south of Marionville and purchased some big corner posts and had them in the back of the blue pickup.

The Horsefarmer brought out his big John Deere with a post hole digger attachment on the back and dug six holes in about the amount of time it took me to tell you this.

Sara and Dan finished up the job while Tom and I headed south and east. The setting of the corner posts got finished before the cold front moved it.

Tom and I laughed because we had no photographic evidence of the event.

Yesterday, I went down to Marionville and helped Tom and Ed in Tom's garage.

The Horsefarmer and the Barngoddess are heading east Christmas day to pick up parts in Memphis, Louisville for the white Bronco you see in the pictures on his blog. Then they are heading north to Nap'town to pickup another '66 Bronco.

The wind wasn't so bad at Sara's but at Tom's it was a mighty wind!

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