Friday, September 05, 2008

Washburn Alumnus Basks In The Thrill Of Victory As The Ichabods Crashed The MSU Bears' Party Thursday Night In Plaster Stadium

Jack Pettijohn, Washburn, class of 1966, shows Ichabod* pride after their win Thursday night over the MSU Bears.

*What is an Ichabod? From the Washburn University website:

In honor of one of the University's earliest benefactors, the school mascot was named after Ichabod Washburn. Washburn was a man of public spirit and strong moral character. Fore [sic] the University's first 70 years, there was no graphic or emblem to provide visual recognition of the Ichabod mascot.

However in the fall of 1937, the editors of the Washburn College yearbook, the Kaw, began accepting suggestions for a design. The winning design was submitted by Bradbury Thompson, a 1934 Washburn alumnus. He created a simle [sic] design of a sharp-dressed man in a top hat and bow tie walking with a book tucked under his arm. He wore a red hat and shoes, a blue coat and yellow pants. The following explanation accompanied the first Ichabod published in the 1938 Washburn Kaw:

"He has courage and enthusiasm as shown by his brisk walk. He is democratic and courteous, for he tips his hat as he passes. Sincere in his search for truth and knowledge, he studiously carries a book under his arm. His friendly smile makes you like him. He's neatly dressed and he fits well into his generation...but adapts himself with equal ease to any change or age."

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dirtsister said...

The Ichabod mascot troubles me. Maybe it's the spats. And he looks kind of like Bill Clinton.