Sunday, September 28, 2008

Sarah: You Don't Make Definitive Policy Statements Wit Whiz And Onions, Geez.

(LOJ submits this example of the perfect Philly Cheesesteak wit Whiz and onions.)

Last night, Sarah Palin and her daughter Willow stopped at Tony Luke's, an outdoor Philly cheesecake joint in Philadelphia where she and her daughter ordered two cheesesteaks wit Whiz and onions.

While they were waiting for their order, Sarah worked the crowd, as recorded in CNN's pool video, which has some light moments in it: watch the crowd reaction when the order taker asked Palin her name for the order (as if she didn't know who her customer was). Pay attention to the question Palin is asked about Pakistan,which leads to this exchange between George Stephanopolis and Senator McCain this morning on ABC's This Week:
ABC News has a written account of the episode here. Money quote:

When asked by Rovito whether the U.S. should conduct cross-border raids into Pakistan from Afghanistan, Palin responded, "If that’s what we have to do stop the terrorists from coming any further in, absolutely, we should."
CNN's Emily Sherman has a story here.

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Complaint Department Manager said...

"Fundamentals of knowledge"...

They're people too.

Yes, we DO think that is a difinitive statement, you(McCain) are either that dumb or naive, take your pick.

Your bait is working fine Jim, one bite down...