Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Just Another Day On The Farm......

Gee, this almost sounds like a television show from the 1950s---Haven Lee's Hayloft-- Well, what it is, is a new blog by the Horsefarmer, my little brother Tom and his wife, the barngoddess who live on a farm down in Lawrence County.

It is only small farm, where they raise miniature horses and have miniature wagons for the miniature horses to pull. They also raise bantam chickens and little cows.

Tom says, "Living in southern Missouri on a small farm we raise miniature horses, cattle, chickens, cats, rocks, dogs, chihuahuas, kids, and an occasional coyote. Not much we know, but then not much we keep quiet about."

All the critters on the farm are small, even the farm is small, the tractor is small, all is small except for Tom and Vi's hearts----those are as big as all outdoors.

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