Sunday, September 07, 2008

Roll Bars, Crash Helmets, Seat Belts And Lady Luck: Special For Jason And John

Some of my fellow bloggers have pretty strong opinions about NASCAR. Life of Jason and By The Numbers both have posts up which lament the 'sameness' of NASCAR. LOJ thinks half the drivers in the chase are boring, Longrooffan thinks NASCAR itself is boring except for the wrecks. Read their posts and you will get a real strong sense of their dissatisfaction with the current state of NASCAR.Well let me tell you something, boys. It didn't used to be this way. When I was a kid, our Dad took me and my brothers Bob and Tom to the races just about every Friday night at the dirt track that used to be across from Forest Park in St. Louis. We would come home dirty, our clothes covered with dirt and rubber from the tires.A vivid memory of my childhood is the race stewards moving all the spectators up further in the stands because the car were throughing so much mud into the bleachers. Ah, those were great times for young race fans!

Russ Blake and his #92 Ford Sedan, you don't see stuff like this today. This is probably a 1946 Ford.
This is an unpainted 49 Ford Sedan on the truck.
This driver is Wayne Coon, he was a New York driver.Anyhow, for Jason and John, Here is NASCAR the way it used to be: (BTW-- turn up the volume and make it full screen) My pick in the chase? Kyle Busch. He's an arrogant 20 something but the boy's got racing talent!


Jason said...

I won't be mad if he wins it. NASCAR needs a villain.

john lee said...

Hey bus:

It is ironic. Just last nite I was watching this video on YouTube. Once again, you beat me to the punch. Good Job.

Also, thanks for posting the images and info on the Possum Trot Parade. Yesterday afternoon thejeepjunkie mentioned missing living up there and doing these kinds of things with our big brothers. I agreed but then mentioned one word. February. Oh yeah was his response.

Good Luck.

Complaint Department Manager said...


Anonymous said...

Jim, I also remember Valley Park Raceway.
Funny, the first picture you posted ..... ALL THE CARS LOOK the same, just like nowadays.

They did have better wrecks though.