Friday, September 19, 2008


Several times today the bus and the PVT RN's phone has rang. Quickly we answer the phone because, although ATT made an error on our bill and accidently tacked another Lee's cell phone calls on our bill to the tune of $499.65, we still like the convenience of the phone to keep in contact with our family members who are strung out, --ouch, that's probably a bad choice of words, I should say family members who are living all across this great country of ours, from the mountains, to the prairies, to the oceans white with foam, God bless America!! That other Lee's first name-- Virgil, dang he talks a lot. When I called my personal representative at the phone company (I have his private number) and told him of the size of my bill, he promptly rectified the error and apologized for any inconvenience. "Rectified", I told him, "it dang near killed me." So this evening when the phone rang, I answered the call, hoping it might be Longrooffan or maybe the jeepjunkie or horsefarmer, barngoddess, maybe even the Pvt RN who took the grandsons off to play miniature golf, or maybe it might be BBBob with good news about the latest hurricane, or it could be the beer survey of which I partake (and which I get paid handsomely for answering such questions as "Have I purchased any beer this week" and "Which beer has the lowest amount of calories" and "How important are low carbohyrdates in a beer to me") or maybe it could be 3b1g inviting me over for dinner, and said my customary "Hello" three times. No reply, so I hung up the phone. The caller id identified this number:573-342-4080.

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Oh yeah, that "no call list", we're on it.

btw---here's new blog for the blog roll, Sugarbritches. Her Rm w/view post--I lol'd.

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Sky Girl said...

I had a bizarre one this weekend. I answered the phone...said hello 3 times...and when I was about to hang up, a recorded voice said "I'm sorry. My mistake. I apologize for the inconve..." then I hung up. What the heck?