Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Sarah, Brittney, Barack, Michael Phelps and Paris

This site, (number of electors in the electoral college) warrants a more than cursory glance.

Especially their post Guess who's a celebrity now?

Kathleen Parker of the National Review:

There She Is . . . There's time to hash out the details, but one can't help but be excited by the reception of a woman vice presidential candidate. Just as we all felt proud when Barack Obama became the first African-American presidential candidate.
Andrew Sullivan, over at the The Daily Dish has breaking reactions from a wide variety of media people.

McCain's mother...God bless her...she's 96 years old and was able to see her 72 year old son receive the Republican nomination for POTUS this evening.Republican presidential nominee, Sen. John McCain's, R-Ariz., family, from left, sister Sandy Morgan, brother Joseph McCain, mother Roberta, and wife Cindy.
John McCain, His mother Roberta, his younger brother Joe and his father, Admiral John Sidney McCain, Jr. in an earlier time.

And here is a shot of the Palin family. Dad is holding the baby while Sarah hugs John.


Complaint Department Manager said...

There are a lot of Christians that believe that God has a lot to do with the weather and how it behaves. Which makes me think: There was a lot of crappy weather in Colorado that cleared up in time for the DNC, THEN a hurricane blows in and forces an abbreviated version of the RNC. So, Does God not want to see the Republicans in office?


d5thouta5 said...

Nah..God's just pissed because we keep wasting the resources given to us....notice the small ice break this week....maybe the floods in Haiti due to
de-forestation...maybe it's time we looked at ourselves for a solution rather than look to others to blame....hell, you pave enough parking lots....and people in Florida can't understand why their homes flood during a rain storm....good gracious, you built those homes in a's not a god's fault...