Wednesday, September 03, 2008

My Three Brothers, Who Live In Florida, Explain To Us About Hurricane Preparation.....

My three brothers, Bob, John and Ed, live in Florida. Bob lives in Tampa, John lives in Daytona Beach and Ed lives in Ormond Beach. They have been engaged in a rapid email exchange with my brother Tom and I, who live here in SOMO, regarding their preparations for the next three hurricanes: Hannah, Ike and Josephine. I have been following the action on this website.

Horsefarmer and I both commented about the rain we are currently experiencing. Longrooffan mentioned how the sign companies were strapping down the signs, hoping they will make it though the hurricane strength winds.

All of us can recall seeing news footage of signs being blown away. Longrooffan provides us with this shot of a hurricane strapped sign: To quote John:

The last couple days, I have seen several sign companies out and about, putting these straps on signs, here Beachside. It wasn't until I was driving home tonite I figured out why. It is to hold the signs in place in high winds. That is something previously unknown to me. Seems like they lose a lot of revenue that way, though.

So as I was driving down A1A toward the Taj Mahal, I got to thinking, what works for signs will work for the olestationbus.


Kristin said...

OMG John cracks me up!

d5thouta5 said...

Of course Jon would tie the old Falcon bus to a palm tree...ever watch those news chanels....the ONE tree they ALLWAYS show blowing away is a, you guessed it, a palm shows that the longroof hasn't lived on the coast in a few years, so we forgive him this error...but then again, the damn thing could end up in my front yard...with Hanna and now Ike, living just short of 2 miles from the beach doesn't seem far enough ....of course the longroof is only about 300 yards from the beach....I'll rely on him for first warning....unless he is chasing the that case, Bob, can I book a reservation..??..