Thursday, December 13, 2007

New Blog, New Post

Busplunge was slowing down because of all the embedded videos.
So, we started a new blog about a week ago where we thought we would post videos and such, Ozark Offbeat, with a nod of the hat to Hank Billings. We're starting sooner than we planned because all the videos on Busplunge crashed today and I had a hard time getting them back.

Ozark Offbeat will model after the Ed Sullivan Show, an extravaganza of entertainment, guests and other good stuff. Sometimes, we'll throw a little Lonesome Rhoades in there, too.

So head on over. If you got a hankering to, stop by E. E. Lawson's general store and pick up a six pack of Pepsi. When you get here, we'll sit on the porch and I'll really let you know how I feel.

btw, some of it maybe nsfw.

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