Saturday, June 30, 2007

Red Light Cameras, Off to the Lake

This article by Amos Bridges in today's SNL talks about the red light cameras.
The cameras cost $4,195.00 per month per APPROACH. They need to generate 1.5 tickets per day to pay for the camera. What the article doesn't make clear is this 1.5 tickets per day per approach or per intersection?

Regardless $16,000 plus dollars a month times how ever many intersections where cameras will be placed...that's a lot of tickets,,,,,we've commented on this subjectd.before.

In other news, the granddaughter came home from Cox South yesterday. She spent some time in infant ICU due to low blood sugar. She sure is a purty little thang. They named her Sophia Grace.

My wife and I are heading south to Rockaway Beach this afternoon. We have cabins down there. Going to take the pontoon over to Bull Shoals for some fishing and relaxing. Then watch the fireworks.


Sandy said...

I was blog surfing and found your blog. :) It's a hobby when I have time.

Anonymous said...'re it.