Friday, June 29, 2007

Comics to Choose From

Growing up in St. Louis(we moved here to the burg in the summer of '64), we called them the 'funny pages'. But things were different here in Springfield. And they still are. You don't have to start a sentence with a noun in Springfield. Remembering when I went into Steak and Shake and ordered an "orange soda', ("I believe I will have another big arnge") and the waitress asked if I was sure, of course I said. I got a glass of orange pop with ice cream. Then I learned another difference between the Ozarks and the big city. Up there it is called soda, down here it is called pop.

Three new comics are being test ran in the SNL for inclusion.
Get Fuzzy

and Mother Goose and Grimm. The ladder being a combination of Mother Goose and the Brother's Grimm, I don't find it funny.
Get Fuzzy I like but I find the captions too hard to read.
Pickles has the gentle humor like in For Better or Worse. Also, anyone who drives a Studebaker gets my vote. And it is easy to read.

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