Sunday, June 10, 2007

I just do what the voices in my head tell me to do: They said go to this website

I just do what the voices in my head tell me to do.
They said go to this website. NOW!
gee, what if the voice in my head is ..... God?

David Brown clarifies the matter:
The distinction between people who hear auditory hallucinations and who hear God's voice or the devils voice or a spirit guide is a little hazy i think both happened to these people and the confusion is trying to sort it all out but with those who are better at channeling it doesn't seem to affect as much i know i can control my thought voices if i really try but even then if God wants to tell me something it always gets through but it gets distorted by my doubt and my mind wavers.
The thing about people who hear God's voice are highly propthetic i know i have the gift of prophecy and alot of people who are labeled mentaly ill have a prophetic gift but it's just a matter of listening to the guidance of the holy spirit sometimes the devil can really mess with your head because he counterfiets the holy spirits convictions with guilt and condemnation which often explains the demonic activity that people experience when people have voices that are demeaning or belittleing.
I can mostly relate to John Frusciante because i am a musician but i am also a poet and a bit of an artist and my voices started around the same age it almost destroyed me the voices were both good and bad but two extremes i even resorted to suicide attempts because i was having alot of torment but with prayer, scripture and supplication the Lord has helped me sort this out and to relax.
I was diagnosed last year with schizoaffective dissorder and i haven't had much fun with medication and i recently became aware that the word pharmacy is deriven from the greek word pharmakia which means sorcery to administer drugs and that has totaly turned me off i would much rather take natural herbs and supplements but that's just me everyone has to find out for themselves hopefully sooner than later.
thanks Godbless you all

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