Friday, June 29, 2007

Praying (preying?) on the Faith of Others

Couple of weeks ago the SNL ran a story by Kathyrn Buckstaff about a developer on Hollister who took some people for their life savings. Buckstaff wrote of one couple who estimates they lost $300,000 by giving the developer money in advance to keep the project going.

Even when the homeowners began to doubt developer's integrity, he always had answers to their questions, the homeowner said. The developer also invoked his belief in God, and talked about building a community of people with a shared faith, he said.

I have written before about interactions I have had with others and about the three time I really got the short end of the stick, it was by good, christian gentlemen. I empathize with these homeowners.

So, when I got an email this morning from Christian Faith Financial, I had not an inkling of what it contained, but I knew it would be something I would be blogging about. I opened the email, and saw this:

OK, nothing too out of the ordinary here, no different than the payday loan guys at the corner of Sunshine and Campbell. But I click on the link that says apply here. This is where it gets sticky: "Christian Faith Financial: Helping Families with Christian Financial Assistance. We help you the Christian Way!"
Not only do they want my personal information, they also want my bank account number and the bank routing information (Link here).

I just realized I been the recipient of a MIRACLE!
And I don't mean the Virgin Mary in a grilled cheese sandwich or watermelon. I mean, I mean a true blue miracle!
Several weeks ago I received in the mail a copy of the Holy Handkerchief. The MESSAGE from GOD told me to soak the Holy Handkerchief in prayers and send it back to the church and good things will happen to me.

OH NO, at first I wasn't a believer. I soaked the holy handkerchief (not with prayer) and sent it back to those who sent it to me. PRAISE BE! TODAY, CHRISTIAN FAITH FINANCIAL WANTS TO GIVE ME MONEY!
NOW, I'm a Believer!
Money for strawberrys and cheese, money for Cook's beer that I keep in my Baptist Bar!
Money for nothing and chicks for free!
I have been to the MOUNTAIN and it is full of CASH!
Oh my lucky stars! They want to give me my just rewards. I deserve it!
Oh my lucky stars! I think I'll play the lottery today!
Oh my lucky stars! I will join the church! Yes, I have found the church that is relevant today! Please go there. Good things will happen to U 2, I will loan you my handkerchief, for a small fee.

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Sandy said...

Just because someone professes to be a Christian, that does not mean they are telling the truth. Unfortunately, there are many people who use that line to prey on others. However, the truth can be discerned in how a person truly conducts him/herself and whether or not they exhibit the fruit of the Spirit.