Sunday, June 03, 2007

Sturgeon General.

I find it easy to get sidetracked when blogging. Flight of fancy, flight of ideas, my mind sometimes runs away with an idea.
My wife and I like to fish. We got a big pontoon boat and a cabin in Rockaway Beach, one of the original cabins, the Babbling Brook cabins. It is all done in knotty pine and about four years ago we built a huge deck around three sides of the cabin.
A guy who owned a bar on Commercial street owned the cabin before us, before him it was owned by the people who owned Campbell Ford in Ozark, MO. When we got it, it was trashed. The underneath was full of trash. I used to own army trucks, it took 15 loads of an Army Truck full of trash to get all the trash out from underneath the cabin.
We gutted the insides, saved all the knotty pine and rebuilt it. The cabin orginally had two baths and three small bedrooms and a small living room and a kitchen. We turned the two baths into a large bath and two bedrooms and small living room into a large living room. The kitchen we kept the same.
My wife and I bought everything in the cabin at garage sales or flea markets. What fun we had.
My neighbor has the cabin below us, my Mom has the cabin next to us and a good friend has the cabin on the other side of ours. It is a good compound. At one time my wife and I owned a houseboat. It was 42 foot long and had twin Chevrolet motors. We had a lot of fun on the houseboat, fishing, barbequing, partying, til it got too expensive. Dock fees, gas costs, there was always something going wrong with a big boat.
Some of my wife's happiest memories are on the houseboat, mine too, once we got to a cove, getting to the cove was always stressful. boats sink.
Oh yeah, this was a post about Sturgeon: I tried to find a picture of my wife catching a fish on Tablerock or Bull Shoals, but I couldn't find one. so there.

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