Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Why Republicans Win In Greene County

The SN-L poll question for 02.21.2010:

Which do you believe better explains the working of life on the Earth?

Intelligent design: 50.3 per cent
Theory of Evolution: 41.1 per cent
No opinion 8.0 per cent

Total votes: 664

This pretty well shakes out to voter identification in Greene County. The intelligent design people are the Republicans, the evolution people are the Democrats, and the No Opinion people are the Independents.

Today is the first day to file for the August primary and Fall general election. Here's a patriotic poster to get you all in a political frame of mind:
Surely someone will file for District 31 Circuit Clerk.

Surely someone will stand up and voice their concerns out loud.

Surely those who are most affected by the incompetence will stand up,

Surely someone will ask why we continue to pay $70,000 plus for someone else to do the job

And quit calling me 'Shirley'. Say, how's that whole gym-thingie workin' out fer ya?

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