Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The Potholes At The Daytona 500

Longrooffan, my little brother John, posts on his blog, a post about the track repairs at Sunday's Daytona 500. See the guy in the bottom right hand side of the photo, with the 5 gallon pickle bucket (I don't know for certain it is a pickle bucket, but it looks like the buckets DeGraffenreid uses at the pickle plant in east Springfield. What? You didn't know there was a pickle plant in east Springfield? There is!), see that guy? He's a friend of John and Ed.

John has a pretty good yarn about the track repair in this post on his blog By The Numbers.

Congratulations again to Jamie McMurray, Earnhardt-Ganassi Racing and Bass Pro Shops for their win at the Daytona 500. Other than the hours long red flag, it was a good race.


Anonymous said...

Jamie rocks....I used to go see him when he would race in the area. How cool that it is a Bass Pro Shops car as well. Excellent.

Horse-farmer said...

I liked Jamie's comment
"when I looked in my rear view mirror and say Earnhart, I said
ah crap"

typical good old ozarkian


d5thouta5 said...

Jamie's comment was because he knew that he was driving an Earnhart owned car....what else could he think......nice of Dale Jr to pull up and let the kid win...

Busplunge said...

Ed-- ain't McMurray's engine by Teresa Earnhardt's shop? Lot's of fast engines in the 500 had Earnhardt engines.

Did Jr and Teresa settle their differences?

It was still a dang fine race!