Monday, February 15, 2010

Don't Ask, Don't Tell, 1967 Style

The entire segment is 44 minutes long. A link to it is here. From that link:

Wallace includes some information about public attitudes toward homosexuality that may curdle your blood: during the time, homosexuality was considered more harmful to society than adultery, abortion, and prostitution combined.

He indicated that most folks found it to be both “disturbing and embarrassing,” with two-thirds of people surveyed stating that it brought about feelings of disgust, discomfort, and fear.

Another ten percent felt “hatred” toward homosexuals.

And the majority of the population still believed – around the beginning of 1967 – that homosexual conduct should be punished.

When this news show was produced, only Illinois had dropped its sodomy laws from the books. Every other state – including Massachusetts! – still prosecuted homosexuals for their “behavior.”
Don't Ask, Don't Tell.


Sky Girl said...

The Democrat running for the 7th Congressional Seat told my cousin on Thursday that he doesn't support equal rights for gay people.

Apparently there hasn't been that much of a change.

Anonymous said...

Remember Life Of Jason? He was against equal rights for gays too.

He also is a self-confessed pornography addict.

You would think...
but then that type usually doesn't.

Jack said...

Anyone remember the childhood game, Smear The Queer?

We are still playing it, but on a bigger scale. Lots of Christians love the game, and by that I mean they "love" the queer but "hate" the lifestyle enough to smear.

Desdinova said...

My "nice" twin brother has been writing a novel that takes place in the 50s. He bought a bunch of right-wing, McCarthy-ite type books. According to some of these crazy books and even some mainstream ones suggest that children with chronic illnesses like asthma, etc grow-up to be gay. It suggest most gays are working for a Communist take over of the country. Bad part is I know people who STILL believe this way.