Saturday, October 24, 2009

Breaking News: Vandals Steal Yard Art!

The PvtRN and I live simple lives: we enjoy our family, our friends, the lake cabin, whirlygigs and concrete yard art.

So it was distressing this evening as the PvtRN was walking granddaughter Sophie around the yard while Sophie would touch each concrete piece and say what it was, bird, man, Jack (we got a hillbilly statue smoking a pipe, Sophie thinks it is a statue of the neighbor).

As they reached the corner of the house, it quickly became apparent that one of the frogs sitting on the courting bench was missing. Turning the corner, another figurine was missing. The frog was small and concrete. The figurine was resin and light weight.

We suffered through the forced removal of the flying lady hood ornament on the bus, that only affected me. But this stuff has sentimental value: The resin figurine belonged to the PvtRN's mother. And all of us like the frogs.

Monday, I will go up to the police station on Battlefield and file a police report.

I just don't understand why someone would want to destroy or take another's belongings.

I just don't get it.

Film at 11. Click on the picture below. Enlarged, you can see, by the corner of the house, the courting chair topped with an umbrella and one frog missing.


Horse-farmer said...

Seems to be getitng near time for vigilante committee meeting on Friday nights at the Bus's home.
Tar and feather would stop the taking of your stuff.

Ozarks65806 said...

Thieves must like frogs. This summer two of my frogs went missing. The "hear no evil" and the "see no evil." Now I just have frog with his hand over his mouth.

Anonymous said...

Maybe some of the same outfit who have been stealing from the city gardens.

We were at the Mastergardener demonstration gardens by Nathaniel Greene a few months ago and a couple of young adults were filling their pockets with vegetables-and they didn't look hungry.