Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Speaking Of Car Chases......

Which led me to this:

And I webbed over here:

Which brought me here:

Remembering when I was kid, my parents were big fans of Calypso music. Yeah, Calypso music and broadway musicals. Yeah, playing it on the HiFi...Shut your mouth!
Oh, you're from Big D! And how about this one:
My grandparents, Granny and Man, liked these two:They liked this guy, too.

And I still know these lyrics. The first cars I remember my parents owning were a 1929 Model A Ford and a 1946 Jeep Station Wagon, like this one:
In 1959, my parents bought, from Charles Schultz Motors in St. Louis, one of these:One of my grandfather's sisters was a nun, Sister Placida. I can remember going out to the motherhouse to visit her. Later, she changed her name to Sister Agnes. Here are some pictures. My folks let the nuns borrow our VW bus occasionally to drive out the motherhouse, I think it was in Pevely, MO. I found this old bus commercial which reminded me of those days.

And we all remember this one:

And who can forget bell choirs?

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