Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Car Chases!! (Love's Been Good To Me)

I've been busy, moving refrigerators, dealing with the insurance company and police reports, picking grandsons up from school, getting body work done, buying hubcaps and getting tractors fixed and mowing the grass.

So much to blog about --- sales tax, WOW, Bond issues, DNR, got a call tonight from an opinion poll, almost a push poll against cap and trade, asked me if I had a very favorable, somewhat favorable, neutral, somewhat unfavorable, very unfavorable opinion of Kit, Claire, Jay, Barack....funny they didn't ask about the double RR's (that would be Roy and Robin)..well almost, we gots to factor in Chuck in the Roy equation.

I keep on wanting to do a piece about the auctioneer and Leroy Van Dyke. Jeez--- to think that OK Armstrong and Charlie Brown's seat was filled by Roy and hindsight, Gene Taylor was a pretty dang good guy.'re looking better every day...

Didja ever notice that anytime any critical of the school district appears in the paper a rapid response team floods the story with ad hominem remarks? And how about the SN-L's opinion piece on WOW.....

And you wonder why I am posting Car Chases.....since brother Ed posted this one and he got a fat wheeled jeep, I feel almost obligated to post the following movie trailers for great car chases in movies I might have liked at one or more points in my life:

Smokey and The Bandit:

Vanishing Point:

Dirty Mary and Crazy Larry:

Thunder Road:

Two-Lane Blacktop:

It's A Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad, World

Gumball Rally:

Cannonball Run:

Rod McKuen? Was Farah talking about Rod McKuen? Remember him? Yeah, Rod McKuen.

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