Friday, October 09, 2009

Cable's out.....again

Watching TV is like watching it through a snow storm. Trying to call Mediacom. The number listed in the phone book has been changed, it is no longer a local number but an 888 number, I call it. They ask for my phone number, I punch it in and the computer says there is no record of that phone number. So I start all over again with my cell number, same result. So I start all over again with the PvtRN's cell number, same result.

Finally I punch #2 and go through the options, which have changed, and am now on hold......

Just got off the phone with the operator, she's in Iowa. The next available opening for a technician is next Saturday, a week.


She said they are doing service upgrades in our area and it should be back on shortly.

Yesterday the cable was bad but I was feeling so poorly I didn't care, didn't feel like watching tv anyhow. Today, I want my MTV!

Oh yeah, did anyone else notice the rates went up again?


Horse-farmer said...

Glad I don't have cable


Anonymous said...

We're in Minnesota and ours is out right now too. Working on your area, yeah right. Every phone number I find for them is busy. Great job Mediacom...

Anonymous said...

Get DISH fer cryin' out loud.

It offers a couple of great progressive stations-no corporate money-Free Speech TV and Link.