Friday, April 11, 2008

Branson Landing, Shadowrock Park 04-10-2008

Sophie's getting over the Chicken Pox and her Mom sent me these pix via email of the flood waters on Lake Taneycomo. The two events appear not to be related.
Branson Landing Fountain
Another fountain shot
Branson Landing
White River Restaurant
Branson Landing
Branson Landing from across Lake Taneycomo
Shadowrock Park from 76 Bridge
Shadowrock Park
Powersite Dam


Jason said...

Rain rain everywhere and not a drop to drink...

Anonymous said...

Hey, Jim ... I was out of town ... could you dive off the deck at Bee's Nest and hit Taneycomo??

Busplunge said...

KK- Dang Near! My private nurse and I drove over to Indian Point from the Airstream Rally, saw our old houseboat still on C dock. It looked rough. The bottom needed painting really bad, the new owners had put a plastic fence around the catwalks, probably for a dog, and the boat was definately listing to the right. Better check those sump pumps and make the batteries are charged....that from the voice of experience.

I was sooooo glad when we sold that boat. Docking fees alone were over 1500 bucks and that was six years ago.

It was fun once you got where you were going, but getting there was always a stressor, something is always needing fixing on a big boat.

Now, I got a nice pontoon with an ice chest! We'll go for a boat ride yet KK!


Anonymous said...

Oh wow! Where any of the Branson hotels/entertainment area affected?