Tuesday, April 22, 2008

ATTN CHUBBY CHASERS*! Want Half A Mil? Got Three Years And Know How To Cook? Lay's Chair Filled, Let The Chips Fall Where They May!

From Springfield's Craigslist:46 5/9 light tan very soft skin non hairy 330 so far.. seeking a slim atractive female or couple to invest 3 years or less of there time to move me in and start fatteing me fatter every day at the end i'll grant them 500,000 wishes.!!$!! if interested hit me up.Oh yeah!

*Remember "The Ritz"?

In related news, Lay Chair filled. The chair’s namesake, former Enron CEO and MU graduate Kenneth Lay, gave $1.1 million to MU for the creation of the position.

Lay was indicted for conspiracy and fraud in 2004 and was charged with six counts of conspiracy and fraud and four counts of bank fraud in May 2006 after trading scandals involving the Enron Corporation were revealed. He was scheduled for sentencing in October of that year, but he died in July while vacationing with his family.

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