Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Matt Calls The Bus! Missouri Governor Matt Blunt Calls The Bus Seeking Input On Matters And Affairs, As His Father Frequently Does!

Like Father, Like Son. The Blunts Know the Bus is Good Enough, Smart Enough, and Doggone It, People Like Me
These are a couple of photos of 7th District Representative Roy Blunt. (Bus note: Roy's PAC is called Rely On Your Beliefs, get it, ROY B.) He has called me before to ask my opinions about matters and affairs. I told him I felt knowledgeable enough to talk about matters, but I was uncomfortable talking about affairs. I said what he does in his private life is his own business, as long as it doesn't affect me.

This is a photo of Missouri Governor Matt Blunt. He called me up this afternoon, wanting to know if I had any questions to ask him about him, Missouri, or just about anything that came to mind. I did have a couple of questions, (like is your hair really that red and do you wear a buzz cut because you don't like the color of your hair or did you get used wearing one when you were in the Navy?) but I decided to just sit back and listen. The following is a liveblog of the phone call between the Bus and the Governor.I am currently on the phone, live with Governor Blunt. How many other local bloggers have received a live, not recorded phone call from the Governor? Not many I am sure.

I will try to, ala LifeofJason, to liveblog the phone call. Excuse mistakes as my fingers are fat.

Lady caller--sales tax holiday on appliances
Blunt-sometime in June, all major appliances, furnaces, hot water heaters, dishwashers, etc will be exempt from sales tax. (Bus note: to those governmental bodies that depend on sales tax revenue, sorry). The saving in energy costs because we are conserving and not using so much will increase bottom line for families (Bus note. Didn't City Utilities say gas has gone up because we used less of it?)

Lady caller lives on Social Security of $800 a month and ain't making it. What help can she expect?
Blunt---song and dance, property tax relief, blah, blah blah, (Bus note: I was talking to my wife during this portion of his call, she wanted to why I was listening to a radio call in show. No, no I told her, it's the Governor! And he called me! She shook her head and walked away and I missed the rest of the answer.)

Lady caller, Gov Blunt you are doing a wonderful job, Missouri is in good shape, You did a good job, why aren't you running again?
Blunt--I accomplished everything I set out to do,turned deficit into surplus 3 years, passed laws, cleaned up medicaid and won't run just to run.

Lady Caller---my grandfather molested me when I was 6 years old. If molesters are given the death penalty, I couldn't have done that to my grandfather, it would have ruined my family. I never told anyone until I was 50
Blunt, family members won't be put to death, only nasty bad men.
Man Caller--photo id for voting question. (Bus note: I had to see a man about a dog so I missed this part of the call.)

Lady caller--Springfield schools don't recognize autism syndrones, all the teachers do is fondle children and look at porn on the computer. She says she is mad
Blunt---I'm sorry. Call your school board and talk to them.

Man Caller....illegal immigration.
Blunt is agin it.

Man Caller.....English as official language
Blunt is for it.

Lady caller believes true love is not wrong and never will be. When will Missouri recognized gay marriage?
Blunt--I respect all people in state. Missouri voters said marriage sacred relationship between one man and one woman, I support constitutional amendment defining marriage. I am not in support of gay marriage and don't share her position, oppose any and all efforts to legalize gay marriage in Missouri.

Blunt says only time for one more question
Thank you he says.

One last question.....stimulus checks. Her husband had a company and IRS garnished his wages. IRS is not letting her have her stimulus check, why is that?
Blunt-- can't speak for the IRS, if household owes money they won't receive the stimulus check . Call your member of congress or the IRS.

Thanks everyone, I am going to transfer everyone to voice mail so I can answer any more questions, someone will get back to you. And I get transferred to voice mail.
(If you want to call the Governor, his phone number is 573 751-3222.)

So there you have it, a live blog of the Governor's phone call to the Bus! Gosh, it was sure exciting. I am so glad that I was able to be at home at 2:45 PM to receive the Governor's call. As Life Of Jason points out, most people were at work at this time and didn't get a chance to participate. There were no guests, so the Governor could have made the call after 6, by which time most people would have been home from work.

I'm not being critical, it just seems that if the Governor really wanted to seek input from ALL citizens of the state, he would not have called at a time when most Missouri citizens were at work. I'm not saying he's wrong, I'm just saying. But then, maybe he just called his friends and those people whose opinions he values. I mean, Matt's Dad has called frequently in the past couple of years to speak with the Bus.

This is the first call the Bus has received from Matt. I wanted to tell him to feel free to call anytime, but he knows that, I don't have to give the Governor an invitation to call me, he can call me anytime, and he has, he's got my number, probably on his speed dial.

Gosh, a real live, personal phone call from the Guv! Mom was right, I am special!


Jason said...

Well, I always said you were much more important than any other blogger in our area. This just proves it.

Busplunge said...

My Mother thought I was speshial too.

Jackie Melton said...

You know, I never got a satisfactory answer to my question of whether you found a beer or not the other day.

I guess there isn't even any point in asking if you were able to make any arrangements about a dog with that man you went to see about one.

I guess these are some more of those questions I'll have to add to my list of "Things to Ask God About" when I get to heaven.


Oh, and by the way, Roy Blunt calls me but I have never rated speshul enuff to git wun a them cawls frum thuh Guvner.

Yew truly is speshul!