Saturday, March 01, 2008

Personal To Sniderman @ The 2 Dollar Bill:

Where Is It? We Couldn't Find It!The Bus loves a road trip, so when we learned The 2 Dollar Bill had stashed some beverages behind the building, we were keen for the adventure.

Except we still weren't feeling up to our full potential and didn't think we could make the trip without encountering dire straits. We buzzed our good friend and frequent rider, Ezra Kornscrabble to see if he could help us manuever our way through the pickle we were in. Ezra, without hesitation, immediately said yes, and took off in Plunge in search of the promised beverage. He returned empty handed. Luckily, there were a few cold ones left in the fridge on the back porch so the trip wasn't a total loss.


The Lorax said...

That's why the driveway alarms were going off. Holy crap.

You know the FCC is watching you now, right?

Jason said...

Actually, wouldn't it be the FBI?

Busplunge said...

Good thing Ezra wore his good Sunday go to meetin' shirt and floured hat.

He'd sure want to look good for those pictures that spy satellite was taking of him back there.