Friday, March 14, 2008

Pension Crisis Worsens! Legislators Propose Sales Tax Holiday

In an effort to boost the economy, our legislative leaders have proposed a sales tax holiday. What this means in real life, is that some whiz bang guys in Jefferson City are hoping I will spend my rebate check during the sales tax holiday, if I am so inclined to spend it at all. What they don't realize is that if I am going to spend it, I am going to spend it. Now, I will just wait until the sales tax holiday to spend it instead of spending it when I get it in the mail. And, since I will be waiting for the sales tax holiday to spend it, I may exercise monetary restraint (delayed gratification) and ask myself do I really want to buy something extravagant or maybe I should just use the rebate on essentials like gas and groceries-which I am going to buy anyhow, except now I won't have to pay sales tax.

Sorry, police and firemen.

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The CDM said...

Depending on my rebate amount, I see it as 1-2 months of utilities paid for. Thanks uncle sam!