Sunday, March 16, 2008

Got My Utility Bill.....

Got my utility bill this month, $357.72. $134.88 for electricity, $198.59 for gas, $13.23 for water and $13.02 for sewer.

My Mother's bill was $219.52 this month. $40.15 for electricity, $154.24 for gas, $11.19 for water and $13.94 for sewer. I don't know why her sewer bill is more than my sewer bill.

Last month my utility bill was $300.25, this month $357.72.
My Mother's bill last month was $191.02, this month $219.52.

I guess we better turn down the thermostat, try to conserve and not use so much gas....What's that you say?.....the more we conserve, the higherthe price of gas?....MOM: SET THE THERMOSTAT WHERE EVER, JUST STAY WARM....


Lil Jim said...

Mine went from 242.xx down to 197.xx, but those tile floors are awful cold in the a.m. I am thankful everyday I can afford whatever they send me, I can remeber a time when my utility bill ate up the better part of a paycheck...I don't understand the less (gas use) is more (higher rate) mindset.

tom said...

lil jim,

City Utilities purchases gas on something quite similar to a futures market. They 'hedge' that they will purchase gas at a lower rate and can resell it for a higher rate, the problem is that CU can't sell their gas contracts for a higher rate then what they purchased it for. Thus in this context they are losing money and need to raise our rates accordingly to stem the losses.
This was discussed during the audit process but we all know that CU knows everything about energy and power.