Thursday, March 20, 2008

HOLY MOLY! My Ship Has Come In! I'm Quittin' The Day Job!

Date: Thu, 20 Mar 2008 12:01:38 -0700 (PDT)
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Subject: Let me know your decision

I am Edwin Mensah,a resident bank attorney with office in Accra capital of republic of Ghana,I write this mail to you having gone through exhaustive inquiries about a certain businessman by the name of Richard Lee, who was resident in Ghana west Africa for several years before his death,this man owned a mining company at Obuase in Asante region unfortunately he was involved in an auto crash together with his wife along Kumasi road in Ghana in march 2004,they both died in the ghastly accident and were buried in Accra municipal cemetery.

This man whilst alive operated account with a bank here in Ghana and when he died the closing balance of the account is 8M EURO.I having been consulted by the authority of this bank to help them produce a relation of this dead customer who will inherit this account as a next of kin,this is a standard procedure, I had resorted to different means of getting at any relation of this customer but have not found any person that matched my search criteria.

I am to report back to the bank soon and they will liquidate this account if I have found no one but I have plans to present you as a next kin to this man,I can comfortably prove that you are a relation of this man which is why I am writing to you asking if you would be interested for us to get this money for ourselves otherwise the bank officials will also take this money for themselves.

We will share this money in the ratio of 50% for me and 50% for you so that at least some part of this clients money would have gone back to his country,you will not need to come down here for this to be concluded unless you wish to come but I will require your data so that I can get the necessary legal documents to authenticate my claim and submit it to the bank confirming you as a next of kin to this man,it is my responsibility to declare this and my decision will be accepted as final.

This transaction between us is considered legal with no risks if and only if you keep this mail and its contents confidential,when the claim is approved,you will be contacted by the bank and informed of the modalities for the transfer of the money to your nominated bank account anywhere in the world but I hope that I would have your sincere cooperation,take care of yourself and have a nice day until I hear from you.

Yours Sincerely
Barrister Edwin J Mensah

P. O. Box M.4431
House no D.324/4 Brewery Road,
Adabraka, Accra Ghana.

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Anonymous said...

"you will not need to come down here for this to be concluded unless you wish to come"
Email him back and tell him you wish to come and need help making travel arrangments.

Jackie Melton said...

I didn't know you followed up on this sort of thing, Jim. I'll start forwarding you mine. When you get all the money from them you can give me a 10% cut, okay? ;)

Jason said...

Party time!

Anonymous said...

hey jim...more toy money!! john