Saturday, May 09, 2009

Where Is The Camera?

A frequent bus rider called me up and told me to look very carefully at the downtown Springfield photo on the homepage of this website, Fair City News. The rider and I were trying to determine the camera location for this photo shot.

I thought it looked like the photo was photoshopped with several layers. The rider thought it might have been around Jefferson and McDaniel.

We both agreed we could see the Hammons Tower (frequent readers of CL personal ads will know that is the tallest building in Springfield), the Shrine Mosque, The Condos across the road from UP, maybe the AT&T building, at least one car park, and a water tower frame that may be around the downtown Y.

I like the building in the left forefront.

The rider and I determined the location of the camera. If you think you know where it is also, leave a comment.

Ah, google maps street view and blogger meetings in Patton Alley Pub plus a quick drive downtown solved the mystery!

Thanks to the Fair City News for the evening's entertainment.

I love this town!ps---if you think the bus is a bright yellow, you ought to see Ed's jeep! More photos and a blog link are here.


Anonymous said...

Photo taken from new city parking garage at Campbell and McDaniel. Buildings in foreground are on east side of Campbell street. Camera is facing east.

Fair City News said...

You got it right. I was discovered this unique view of our city in 1997 while working a top the Springfield Brewing Company. The new parking garage makes it a lot easier to access now.

Ole said...

Glad you like the posters Jim. I haven't had the hear to take them down...maybe when I finally move out in July