Saturday, May 02, 2009

How One Man Answers Critics

An Amish farmer walking through his field notices a man drinking from his pond, with his hand.

The farmer shouts: "Trinken Sie nicht das Wasser, die Kuhe und die Schweine haben in ihm geschissen!"

The man shouts back: "I am an American. I don't understand, nor do I care to understand your gibberish. Speak English like the constitution intended!"

The farmer shouts back in English: "Use both hands, you'll get more!"


Darin said...

I see you're still at it. Keep on keeping on!

Horse-farmer said...

I failed german in high school, or was it that I never took german in high school.

what does it translate into and don't feed me the line the Amish guy said.

Jeremy D. Young said...

According to, the phrase means: "Do not drink the water, the cows and the pigs have s***ted in him!"