Friday, May 01, 2009

New Twist On Old Slogan

We first noticed it in Larry's final notice in the SN-L last Sunday---"Larry loved music and Budweiser."

Then in this morning's obits, in Bud's notice of passing, it shows up again: "Bud loved his family, Cardinal Baseball and Budweiser." Is this the beginning of a trend? God knows we've followed a lot of trends in our time, what with the whole bus-plunge / missing hiker thing.. For a while there, corrections piqued our interest. This is a particularly memorable correction -- ah yes, repeating the negative.

Now, we will be avidly perusing obits for mentions of beer, it doesn't have to be especially Budweiser, but there is a ring to the old Budweiser slogan: "Where's There's Life, There's Bud!"

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