Friday, May 08, 2009

I'm Back

Spent the week opening up the lake cabins and sprucing up the grounds.

No internet.

Ate Pizza Cellar Pizza, sausage and mushroom, three nights. It is still one of the best pizza in the area. While it might not satisfy every palate, it suits me fine!.

Washed the boat and got it all tuned up for summer fun.

Climbed up on three roofs and used the gas blower to blow off the winter's accumulation of tree limbs and twigs. Cleaned out the gutters.

Pulled the boat trailer out and raked the parking area, also pulled weeds and vines out that were fast overtaking the area.

Raked all the leaves away from the cabins and hauled them down the hill. I may have gotten into some poison ivy but that doesn't bother me. My mother was extremely allergic to poison ivy.

Swept the decks and got on my hands and knees and removed all the acorns that were lodged between the deck planking. I will need to treat the decks again.

Had no broken pipes since I figured out the cause. The water meter did not seal when I would turn the water off at the meter. When I plumbed the cabin, I made certain that all the pipes ran downhill. To winterize, I just open the spigot I installed at the lowest pipe and all the water drains out of the pipes.

What with the water meter shut off valve not completely sealing, over the course of the winter, the pipes would fill back up with water and freeze. Last winter, I disconnected the water line coming into the cabin. No frozen pipes, just one weak glue joint that was easily repaired.

The PVT RN and I got a lot down this week, getting ready for the combination birthday, Mother's Day and Memorial Day bar b que and boat ride.

Why, we may even run up the lake to the Branson Landing and watch the fire show.


Anonymous said...

You and the PVT RN "got a lot down this weekend"? Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm...

Busplunge said...

Got a lot down this weekend is shortspeak for we got a lot done down there this weekend.

d5thouta5 said...

yea sure Jim....and gee...I just thought it was a typo.....but then have been gone a LONGGG
time....and what with no TV, cell coverage, no www.....I'm sure you got a lot down.....glad you're back

Kathy and Jim A. said...

Hope you had a Happy Birthday.

Sara said...

Thanks for letting us use the cabin. We tried to leave it as clean as we found it. :)