Thursday, May 14, 2009

Thank You TV Weathermen For Keeping Us Abreast Of Last Night's Storm. We Remember

all too well the night of March 12, 2006. Your TV Coverage then saved lives. To those who were upset about missing American Idol or the finale of Lost, look at these pictures of my brother's place and "kwityerbitchin".


Jackie Melton said...

I'm not even sure why people make this an issue. Of course local stations should air information about potential life threatening weather conditions within their viewing areas.

The safety of their viewers should always take precedence over a television program. It's a no-brainer. :)

Horse-farmer said...

Thanks to the local TV station's coverage in March 2006, we were able to leave home ahead of the tornado and head about 15 miles south.
If we had stayed home, I dare say we would have found ourselves mixed up in that pile of tin.
Lost 3 buildings that night, didn't have a scratch on us
Thanks to local coverage.

longrooffan said...

My favorite is when I commented to thehorsefarmer that I was sorry he lost all his stuff, his response was, "Hey John, I didn't lose it, it was just spread over 40 acres."

If local television stations are to survive, local news and weather are what is going to ensure that.

So called reality shows and whatnot are not what is reality, no matter what some are led to believe.

This is reality and thanks to local outlets, we can monitor it and be prepared.

I would rather put up hurricane shutters and be prepared than sit on my fat *ss watching some reality show and then be upset because the local, out of power, Publix doesn't have any water for me to buy three days after the storm passes on by.

Okay, I'll step down off that pedistal and say that I am glad everyone is safe up there in the Ozarks.

Jim A. said...

Hurricane season is about to start here in FL so we'll have a few periods of wall to wall weather people watching the radar and calculating the wind direction. If nothing happens we laugh it off, if we get hit we're grateful for the warning.

So far in the middle of the state we've done well (knocking on wood) with just a few heavy storms. Compared to what the kids have had in Springfield, it's been a cakewalk. When we moved down here from MO we kept hearing about hurricanes. No one mentioned the tornadoes and ice storms we were leaving.

Angel said...

Thank you Uncle Jim for your comments on this issue. Without local news and weather I dare say we would not have a made it out alive in '06. God Bless KY3, Kolr10 for all their efforts in keeping us safe and on top of things.