Monday, June 23, 2008

It's Outrageous, Why It's Just Danged Outrageous!

Yes, It is danged outrageous that my friend Karen has to drive clear to across the street from the Chrysler plant on Bowles Avenue and I-44 up by St. Louis to get me White Castle hamburgers. Next to meeting with Mr. Miller or Mr. Cook in a styrofoam cup, nothing is quite like a big arnj and a whole bunch of White Castle hamburgers! Thank you Karen!

Well, that's my statement about the lack of availability of fresh White Castle hamburgers in the Springfield metro area. Want to hear my statement on strawberrys?

1 comment:

The CDM said...

AY! If you get White Castle, I get a Jack in the Grease or a 7-11! Good luck with them sliders, and here I thought Mr. Pibb was intestinal roto rooter.