Thursday, June 26, 2008

The Definitive Book About Mamie

Mamie! A little Bess, a little Ethel, and a lot of my paternal grandmother!Below is a picture of my Dad's Mom, Mary Ellen Teppe. Her son, Walden C. Lee, a portrait photographer, took the picture. I have several proofs of her from that session. We called her "Moo", and her husband, we called "Paw". Moo and Paw. My Mom's parents, we called them "Granny" and "Man". Moo's nickname was "Mazey".
I recently came in possession of thousands of Lee family photograph negatives. I will be scanning these negatives into my computer. I am looking for a good scanner that will scan negatives and color / black and white slides. Any bus rider got any recommendations? I got about $250-300 to spend.

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