Wednesday, June 25, 2008

He looked at the woman lying on the fur and

said to her, "Madam, I'm Adam." What is the name of the woman lying on the fur?Sherlock Holmes died and went to heaven. As he was passing through the Pearly Gates, St. Peter pulled him aside and said,
"I am so glad you are here. God is in an absolute tizzy. It seems that Adam and Eve have disappeared and are nowhere to be found. God wants them to be the centerpiece for a big to do on creationism and he can't find them. You have got to help us."
Sherlock Holmes said, as any of us would do, ala St. Paul, when God asks, through St. Peter, for our help, "OK".
Quickly Holmes found the first couple. They told him they were tired of all the commotion and attention paid to them, they just wanted to live, ala Paris and Nicole, the simple life and thus, disappeared into the vast wonders of heaven.
Sherlock Holmes told the first two that he understood their dilemma. However, he said, you two are such a part of God's history that you owe it to him to follow his directives in this case. Adam and Eve sheepishly agreed to follow Holmes back to God.
God was amazed that Sherlock Holmes found Adam and Eve so quickly.
"How did you do it," asked the Lord God Almighty, with a thunderous roar!
"Elementary my dear God," replied Holmes. "They were the only two without navels."

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