Thursday, June 19, 2008

The Day The Music Died.....

Tape Recorders Taking The Place Of Live Musicians In Branson? Shay It Ain't Sho, Shoji!This just in from Darin over at Branson Missouri: Branson live music dying out.

Given the pseudo environment of Branson (bun hairdos and long denim skirts, fake rocks and fake cities) fake music was bound to arrive.

There is a nice free, albeit small, skate park in Branson. I took my grandsons there over Memorial Day weekend. They had a good time. So thanks to the parks department of Branson for thinking of sk8rs! I'll be taking the boys back soon! Following is the obligatory skateboard ramp photo of grandson Trey attempting a 'rock to fakie".
(I learned well from Bob G.)


Complaint Department Manager said...

I knew one day it would happen, just not this soon. Oh well, mow 'em down and start the casino projects.

*says with wringing hands*

Jim A. said...

Tell Trey to beware of the Schnitzky 250. (He can explain it.)