Tuesday, June 10, 2008

10 Most Beautiful Women In 417 Land

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Oh yeah.
No, really, it's for real.


tom said...

Are you kidding me, this is the best that 417 land has to offer ??

We really need a NOTA ballot on all forms of elections no matter what the title one is seeking.

I have seen better looking women then this walking around the mall perhaps the organizers of this contest need to step outside the box to find REALLY attractive ladies for this title.

Jason said...

Is there any count of the number of those women who are advertisers or work for advertisers in their magazine?

The CDM said...

I agree with all the above statements and would like to add one of my own. I couldn't help but notice the ongoing..."color code". Might as well change the town's name from Springfield to North Harrison. 417 is giving me a good reason to thumb my nose at anything they put out. How bass ackwards the mentality is around there.

Jason said...

Wow...top notch point, CDM.