Thursday, June 18, 2009

Taking A Burden Off The City: Rusty Comes To The Rescue!

The SN-L has the story about the Commercial Street CID Board:

When contacted on Wednesday, Worley said, "If the city is interested in opening that back up, we'll just have to visit with them."

But reached at mid-afternoon, Worley said he had phoned city staff, adding they agreed to reopen the process.

Smith took umbrage at that language, saying the official process goes through the city, so it had yet to begin...

"We were just trying to assist the city in this process," Worley said. "The city right now is in lean times, so we were trying to take that burden off the city."
Rusty's right: The City right now is in lean times. We all need to do our part by taking some of the burdens off the city.

Does anyone have any suggestions on how we can take some of the burdens off the city?
We will see that they get to Rusty ASAP.

Meanwhile, we learn Pricecutter and Brown Derby will absorb the extra tax. Consumers will pay it in the end.

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