Friday, June 19, 2009

Blunt / Ashcroft Event At Greene County Sheriff's Training Room--Update

Earlier this afternoon I called Jenny Edwards, the Greene County Public Information Officer and asked her about the Blunt / Ashcroft event.

Her email response:

Jim, Sheriff Jim Arnott tells me any public official may request use of the Sheriff's Training room. The room is available subject to scheduling and the sheriff's discretion.

Congressman Blunt often uses this training room for announcements related to law enforcement. Sheriff Arnott said the room is ideal for use by public officials who travel with security detail, because everyone who enters the building must pass through the metal detector and have their bags screened.

Sheriff Arnott added that the invitation you received for Monday's event did not come from his office.

As you and I discussed on the phone, any individual or group may also request use of the Historic Courthouse Rotunda, Hearing Room, or grounds for public announcements or events. Requests must be made at least a couple of weeks in advance, require filling out a form, and must be approved by the county commission.

Please contact me if you have additional questions.


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Anonymous said...

The sheriff neither confirmed not denied that the event was taking place, he didn't say who reserved the room, he didn't say much of anything except he has discretion over who uses the room and that he didn't send out the invite.

hmmm---this don't pass the stink test.