Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Blogger Sends Out Press Release Announcing The End Of His Blog

Jason Wert is quitting blogging. Now, I know, you are saying, he said the same thing last August, but he came back. This time he may be serious. The SN-L is reporting that Wert sent them an email saying he was ending his blog to focus on a new ministry. Wert said "he couldn’t go into detail about the ministry, but he called it “a ministry aimed at encouraging people to look at ways to serve others outside of their comfort zone in places like prisons or inner city missions.”

Jason, good luck in your new ministry. It is easy to be distracted when you can feel the Lord leading you in a new direction. Follow his lead. Delete your blog. Get it out of your life and embrace the new challenges you face!

Good Luck and Good Speed!

Sheriff Arnott....you better get ready, the Hound of heaven may have caught a scent!

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Jason said...

Actually, a reporter at the SNL sent me an e-mail asking me what was going on. I did not send out a press release.