Monday, October 06, 2008

Lucky Jimmy Knows Why The Economy's Tankin'...Money's Tight

A while back this blog did a post on one of the relief bus drivers, Lucky Jimmy, and his girlfriend.

But things ain't been so bright in Lucky Jimmy's trailer lately....see, it's this dang economy. Lucky Jimmy sorta wishes the gubmint woulda been able to workout a better work out. Dang, do you know how long it has been since Lucky Jimmy filled up his tank at the Kum 'n Go?Lucky Jimmy waves goodbye to his money and thinks it should be called the Kum 'n Went! Lucky Jimmy's had his fill of Mavericks and even Comets.

But Lucky Jimmy is not really the subject of this post. I noticed that people from all over have been doing a google search and ending up on the Lucky Jimmy posts. Is it to see a pix of Lucky Jimmy or of his girlfriend? Of course to see her picture on google, you got to look here.

Lucky Jimmy wonders if this guy has been talking to these guys.

Oh yeah, why the economy's tankin'----here's how Lucky Jimmy's friend Andrew's friend Marc (OMG-a FOAF!) 'Plains it (in his best Jimmy Carter imitation):

Basically: The credit markets remain locked. No one is lending. People with credit scores approaching perfect can't get loan. Business wanted to see some rate cuts, but the Fed didn't cut, and Europe's central bank seems to be off on their own reservations. No money has come out of TARP -- that's the bailout -- yet. The Hill is hosting a partisan hearing on financial services. The presidential candidates are talking about past negative associations, not market stabilization.
"The Native had a great love of his country but remained suspicious of government" reads the caption on this photograph in Ozark Mountain Folk, These Were The Last, a portfolio of photographs by Townsend Godsey.

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