Monday, October 20, 2008


Greene County Circuit Clerk Candidate Jim Lee always believed he was correct in following the directives he received from the Missouri Ethics Commission (MEC).

He was right. Today Lee received a letter signed by Stacey Heislen, interim Executive Director of the MEC dismissing the complaint filed against him.

Earlier this month, Lee's campaign finance record was questioned when a Republican activist lodged a complaint against him with the MEC.

The complaint alleged Lee hadn't filed necessary finance reports with the commission. But the candidate pointed to a letter from the MEC stating he wasn't required to file with the state.

The MEC agreed with Lee, saying in their letter of October 15, 2008: “From the facts presented, the Commission voted to dismiss this case.”

According to Missouri State Law, the Commission shall dismiss any complaint lacking any basis in fact or law which is frivolous in nature.

The complainer told the News-Leader and local bloggers that his motive was to get Lee kicked out of the race, or at least cause him some embarrassment.

Lee said campaign tactics like those used against him don’t sit well with Ozark voters.

“Here I am focusing on how I can run the clerk’s office with the integrity and positive leadership we all expect and want from a Circuit Clerk while my opponent and his campaign are only interested in embarrassing me. I’m not keeping track of what my opponent and his campaign are doing but it certainly doesn’t appear to be very dignified.”

Missouri Law says that any person who submits a frivolous complaint can be held liable for actual and compensatory damages to the alleged violator for holding the alleged violator before the public in a false light.


d5thouta5 said...

I wonder....did this receive the same local coverage as the original...sounds to me like grounds for legal action....oh, and good things always happen to good people....hang in there and Good Luck....Greene County deserves you as a representative...

Jason said...

Actually, this was pretty much debunked locally at the time it was announced by the person who filed it. Even though this official word is nice for Jim, most folks saw through what this was at the beginning.