Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The Loading Dock: Distribution Center For The Tubes, Getting The Information Out

Remember when you were in school and the instructor passed out an exam. Usually there were several different types of questions on the exam.

Some of the questions might have been fill in the blank or multiple choice. One word answers usually sufficed for these questions. These answers could be learned by rote memorization.

Next in the degree of difficulty were short answer questions. These required the exam taker to build a short, cohesive sentence that answered the question concisely. These short answer questions also gave a quick glimpse into the test takers knowledge of the subject matter.

A classic example of how NOT to answer a short answer question:
Q: Why are people spending more time on leisure activities?
A: Because they have more leisure time.

The final questions on the exam were the essay questions. Essay questions are based on themes and overall ideas. Preparation for answering an essay question does not begin when you receive the question. You are not only conveying information, but also showing your audience that you have mastered the information and can work with it. In other words, your purpose is both informative and persuasive. The answers you provide are a dang good indicator of whether or not you understand the big picture.

It seemed that one of the essay questions on an exam asked you to compare and contrast two events that had occurred or two different people. submitted questions to candidates in several of the Greene County Races that will be decided this November.

I invite you to compare and contrast the responses given by the two Circuit Clerk candidates in reply to the LifeOfJason questions.

Frequent bus riders, like these folks pictured below, will know that I am one of those candidates.
PS- be sure to read "Fat Jack's Rants" for a quick synopsis of all the amendments and propositions on the ballot. And, in response to an underwhelming demand, here is a photo of a tie:


Jack said...

Who is that handsome devil in the bow tie.

Complaint Department Manager said...

Tucker Carlson

Anonymous said...

No, no, it's TOM Carlson