Sunday, October 12, 2008

Sarah Palin On Saturday Night Live?

Sarah Palin wants to appear on "Saturday Night Live"?

Sarah Palin wants to appear on "Saturday Night Live" on October 25th?

Five weeks ago most of us had never heard of this one.

Now she wants to do "Saturday Night Live"?

This is a vice presidential candidate who has yet to hold a press conference after being selected as John McCain's running mate.

Now she wants to do "Saturday Night Live"?

She is willing to do "Saturday Night Live" and is not willing to hold a press conference?

She wants to do "Saturday Night Live" just before America votes.

Oh my.

Wait, wait a minute.

"Saturday Night Live" is a live show, right?

Have Sarah Palin come on the show.

Also have all of the columnists and correspondents who would attend a vice-presidential news conference on the show also.

Then, have a press conference, have a real press conference.

I shudder to think that Sarah Palin's handlers think Americans are so dumb that we would elect a vice-presidential candidate whose only contact with the American people is so filtered and scripted that any attempt to question her on the substantive issues facing our country is labeled as "gotcha" journalism.

I am not the only one who thinks this way.


Anonymous said...

Maybe Palin will get booed like the hockey game fiasco.

Preconditions: Only if she does a Conehead redux skit and they bring back Dan Ackroyd.

Only if the SNL male players get to do Palin in drag for the Halloween show (sort of an Elvira thingy).

Sky Girl said...

I have talked to bona fide conservative friends who have recently decided to vote for Obama because they find the idea of Sarah being second-in-command just to frightening.

Thanks, Sarah, for helping to tip the scales our way.