Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Campaign Accessories, Jeff Larson And Greene County

Carson and Larson

Does the name Jeff Larson sound familiar? It should. Larson is the Karl Rove protégé who’s a principal in the robocalling firm of FLS Connect (the “FLS” stands for Tony Feather, Jeff Larson, and Tom Syndhorst, all veteran Republican political operatives). Larson’s firm is the same one that launched the scurrilous robocalls against John McCain in 2000, and that McCain has now hired to make robocalls connecting Barack Obama to Bill Ayers. Evidently, Larson also has quite the eye for women’s fashion. Even hateful liberals would have to admit that Palin dresses awfully nicely.
For the whole story link here.

FLS Connect, Yeah, they're the guys who make those nasty robo calls. Did you get one? Kristin got two more of them today, saying how nasty Obama is--the calls don't talk up McCain, they talk down Obama. She saved them on her machine. I will try to get them up on here.

Mark my words: FLS Connect will be making lots of robo calls into Greene County homes again this election and they won't just be for McCain/Palin.


Complaint Department Manager said...

Saw a lot of baby items in there too listed as "campaign accessories". Too funny.

dirtsister said...

Re: robo calls, 2-3 a day here. Hate to wish my life away, but I'll be glad when it's all over.

Will the bus be at BPS on Friday? Ha!