Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Am I Paying For This Thing?

I go to McDonald's for lunch quite often, it is fast, convenient and my wife tells me I need to eat lunch so I don't get crabby.

I eat the same thing everyday..I know what I like....from the dollar menu, 2 double cheeseburgers, hold the cheese, or I will order 2 double hamburgers, a medium fries and one of those 89 cent big drinks.

The total runs between $4.46 and $4.57. I don't know why the difference. The McDonald's on Sunshine across the WOW eyesore is the most expensive. The McDonald's on Chestnut Expressway and Highway 13 is the cheapest.

I suspect, although I am not sure, the reason the McDonald's across from the WOW is the most expensive is because of the special taxing district. Everything within sight of WOW is taxed higher to pay for the dang thing......see the post below this one about the leaf dump..if you don't use it, you don't have to pay for it. the money quote:

Equally important, by adding the proposed non-commercial brush disposal fee, all residental and commercial customers who directly benefit from this City service will contribute to its on-going operations and improvement. The fees paid by customers of the brush operation will meet over 80 percent of the brush lot's direct annual cost in 2008. By 2010, it is anticipated that these service fees and associated product revenues will make the YRC brush lot a self-supporting public enterprise.
Today, I am at the Sunshine McDonald's. There are two registers working. It is 11:35 am. The east register is taking customers on the east side of the register, the west register is taking customers from the west side of the register.

I am at the west register, second in line, no one was behind me. The east register is filling a huge order, happy meals, shakes and salads. The man in front of me places his order, I step up, the counter person says, "May I take your order", or something like that, and I place my order. An lady who was standing between the registers says, "I was here first."

I IMMEDIATELY step back and motion for her to go ahead, while at the same time saying, "sorry, I didn't realize you were in line." She says, "no, that's alright."

I told her to go ahead and order. Again, she said no, that's alright. I said to her, you brought it up, lady, not me, and I stepped further back. The counter person looked at me and, with shrugged shoulders, took the lady's order......a big mac meal.

The lady was standing in the wrong line, complained because she didn't get waited on, and then when I gave her my spot, she declined. Then why did you have to make that comment???? That McDonald's has seen its share of interesting stuff.

As I left the store and was going to my car, I saw her driving away in her car, resplendent in W stickers.

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Ian McGibboney said...

Oh, that's funny! Especially the ending.

I moved to Springfield in 2007. One of my earliest McDonald's experiences was having a kid who barely looked 13 not secure the lid on my orange juice. which exploded in my brand-new black-trim car. The stains are still there and look like something else entirely. I stormed back in, trying to keep my cool, and asked for another OJ, maybe one that wouldn't explode in my brand-new car. He shrugged and refilled the compromised cup. Nice. Was not a good day.

This is why I grocery-shop ahead of time most of the time these days.